April 22, 2018: 4 Hours

12:00-4:00 During this day it is the last weekend rehearsal before our show, which is this Friday. During this rehearsal we were mapping out all of the lighting cues for each dance. Sadly not everyone was there so we had to fill in for the dancers that were missing. This rehearsal went smoothly and we got done all the lights. It is so nerve racking to think that we are preforming this dance in 5 days. There is an excessive amount of hours we put into this show. Hopefully it will all pay off, and have the best first ever WHS dance show.

April 14, 2018: 4 Hours

1:00-5:00 Today was the first long rehearsal for the dance show Home  that I am apart of. I rushed to the rehearsal right after my ACT so I was a little frazzled. Once I got there we went straight to work on the end group dance that everyone was apart of. We Spent a couple hours on that taking water breaks and we sometimes would run through other dances. Eventually we went through costumes and talked about what we might want to wear. We as a class decided that we were going to do pedestrian clothing to make the show express the true stories of real people. Every dance is about the choreographers idea of home, and how that home has effected their lives. Before we ran through the show I talked with my dancers and went through the movement to make sure they all understood it. They have taken my idea for a dance and truly have formed it into a work of art. It is amazing to see my work on an actual stage for the first time ever. Eventually we did a full run through of the show, and it

March 22, 2018: 2 Hours

3:45-6:00 Today was the last day teaching at Cali Calmecac. Today we are reviewing a dance they learned for their auditions, making some changes, and reviewing the dance we taught them before. We did not know the dance they had learned before for their auditions, so we found a video of the dance and taught ourselves it. It took us about an hour to memorize the dance, perfect it, make changes, and review the other dance we choreographed. When we got to Cali we went straight to business and started running the dance we taught last week. They remembered the dance really well and preformed it flawless for us.

March 15, 2018: 2 Hours 15 minutes

3:45-6:00 Today will be the first day my associate Lola and I will be teaching at Cali. We had began choreographing this dance before at a previous rehearsal, but we worked on it again to make it perfect. We met up at Lola's house and began putting the final touches on the dance. It turned out just how we wanted it and began to make our way to teach at the school. Lola and I began teaching the Cali kids their dances for their musical. This was such an amazing experience being able to choreograph and teach dance, since it is something I love. We began by introducing ourselves and talking about our dance backgrounds. From there we jumped straight into teaching them the dance we had prepared from them. Most of the kids had little to no dance experience so it was interesting to teach them and they learned it so well. These kids are very fast learners and executed our dance beautifully. Our dance is a modern piece and it portrayed the idea of "society" ignoring som

March 8, 2018: 45 Minutes

3:40-4:25pm Today was the first meeting with my  new mentor Hector Marquez. Within this meeting my associate Lola and I talked with Hector to figure out his envisions of the dance we are choreographing for him. Hector explained the general idea of the musical he has written and showed us where exactly our dances are in the show. Along with the script he provided us with video links to dances that he wants us to use as inspiration. Tomorrow Lola and I will start creating the dance and teach it to the kids on the following Thursday. I am very excited to start this process with Hector. 

February 24, 2018: 2 Hours

1:00-3:00pm    Today was the first day I began choreographing for the dance show I am apart of in April. I started with the lay out for my dance and began creating phrase work to the teach to my peers later. Creating a dance takes a lot of work and dedication so it was nice to have this time in a dance studio with my mentor Allison Frenzel to help me with it. She provided many devices I can use to make my choreography more interesting and dynamic. I am very excited to have another rehearsal coming up to choreograph more and create artistic movement. I still have a little ways to go with the choreographing element but it is going well. I have high hopes for the dance I am creating. I am very close to the subject that I am choreographing about so I am very close to my dance. It is about the struggles of depression and suicidal thoughts. I have seen many of my friends battle with that and I was able to help them through this time. This dance captures the hardships that thes